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Contract Business Analyst /

Product Owner Service

Technology teams are a big part of what a business can deliver. If the development team seems to be missing the mark we’ll step in as your Product Owner to get them delivering what you need them to. PS – if you don’t have a PO (or BA) in your business, you should.

Every time a project misses the goal, is partially delivered, is late or over budget you can bet your bottom dollar it’s because there was a problem with defining requirements. This is the most important part of any development project. Additionally, solid requirements result in the project meeting expectations in a timely manner. Bad requirements lead to projects that don’t deliver value and a painful development process.

Defining requirements is complicated and takes a specific set of skills. Whether your team works in a waterfall or agile methodology doesn’t change this need. We’ll fill this critical gap in your team while you find a permanent resource.

Ops Project Execution

Buckle up, it’s time. Ops Project Execution takes your biggest operational pain points and gets them done. In other words, when you are working in your business it is hard to find the time to work on your business. We prioritize your projects and work within your team to get your projects done so you can continue to grow.

These types of projects come at you from all different directions – like your strategic planning sessions, changes in business direction or changes in your team dynamics. They keep you up at night but you and your team are so busy working on the day-to-day they never get the attention they need, and your operational debt grows.

Once we have completed your to-do list, you will be surprised by the burden and weight lifted off your shoulders.

Project in Progress.
Project in Progress.

Process Engineering

If this sounds a little formal for our style but if your systems and information don’t work well together you need some process engineering magic.

Think of the core processes within your business:

  • How a customer places an order for your products or services
  • Processing and fulfillment system of placed orders
  • How your teams operate within their own departments or cross-functionally
  • When and how you communicate with customers
  • How teams report on progress and success
  • Integration of financial systems within every part of your business

We’ll figure out the processes and systems that need attention, engineer and document new workflows and then implement the change.

Transition to Agile Principles

Agile is not just for the Technology teams. Agile principles are extremely valuable in every part of your business.

If your business needs to adapt to change and get a bit better every day you need Agile principles in every department, starting with technology. Say goodbye to the ways of the Waterfall and jump into Agile – right-sized for your organization.

Process Documentation

Process Documentation

We know this isn’t the most fun thing to think about* but you know as well as we do that documenting how you do important things (like pay people, buy things, fulfill orders, etc.) reduces the risk of those things falling apart if someone on your team leaves.

We don’t want you to have to go through the process of creating Standard Operating Procedures because you have more fun things to do. Let us sit with your team, figure out what they do, get it down on paper and organize it in a way your HR department will give you a gold star for. We’ll even suggest some process improvements as we come across them. Bonus!

*unless you are process nerds, like us.