Defining Business Solutions through Agile Adaptation Principles.


Business Processes

The EGI Inc team of experts will define the right agile business processes for you. Tame the chaos and get things done.

Planning agile business processes and agile business adaptation through a waterfall methodology.

Solutions to Business Processes

Agile Processes

Go Beyond Management Consultant. EGI is a team of specialized do-ers trained to help you solve operational challenges by fixing the systems around them.

We focus on technology and process to give you a sustainable solution that will scale with you.

Let EGI define and prioritize your pain points, and help measure success. We are the key to delivering on plans you’ve been making.


Think Outside your Team

Think Agile Solutions

Define a partner – a business process consultant for your operations. EGI is a team of experts dedicated to the success of your business.

Our mission is to help companies put out their daily fires. With this intention, EGI will help you fix the problem by developing an agile transition for your team. Above all else, we will work together to identify what is holding your team back and how they can work at their highest potential.

We work best with COOs and CIOs who are in chaotic desperation. Therefore, Existing processes and systems frequently make it difficult for team leaders to fulfil their goals. Let us help eliminate this friction. 

Generally speaking, when we ask “why do you do it that way” and you answer, “we’ve always done it that way”, we know we can help make tangible change. 

Agile adaptation and agile processes can require you to think outside of your team to implement a waterfall methodology.

We’ve engaged EGI for a couple of supply chain projects… It was a pleasure working with EGI, and I would confidently recommend their services to any organization looking to supplement internal operational resources.

Jeff Brodie

Chief Operating Officer,

EGI is a team of easy to work with professionals who are focused, organized and technically capable. They understand business issues and have a particular talent with communications. EGI has become an integral part of our team.
Geoff Pulfold

CFO, PayBySky

By having EGI on board, we found not just an experienced professional but also a partner in our agile adoption journey. Their passion and commitment to coach and guide us until we achieved our goals was exactly what we needed.
Emily Ferreira

Vice President Operations,

EGI is a helping hand, a guide through the unknown and an accelerator – they make it happen with care, professionalism and expertise. They navigate along beside you and help you see your projects through to completion. No task is too large or too small.
Sheila Zsoldos

Owner, Corporate Workplace Injury Management

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