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process engineering

process engineering

Contract Business Analysis / Product Owner

Ops Project


to Agile


Contract Business Analysis

The Constraint: With an implementation deadline approaching, this company has ambitious objectives for an ERP solution. The business model they used was not a good fit with the industry standard. The decision to purchase and integrate an external system put them behind schedule. 

The Solution: EGI joined as the role of Business Analyst. Taking the time to gather requirements, write user cases and stories, and test scenarios. Additionally, EGI worked with the vendor to complete the task at hand. 

EGI met the implementation deadline easily and was able to smoothly integrate the new external system.

Contract Business Analysis
Ops Project Execution

Ops Project Execution

The Constraint: Despite being an established accountant, this small business owner wanted to understand the cost of goods within the entire product line. This goal was worthy but too large to take on alone. 

The Solution: EGI undertook a full-cost analysis and scenario-based model analysis with the intention of the owner understanding the cost of labor and materials for various products. Additionally, the client requested a comparison of products for cost-efficiency versus effectiveness. The company needed a better understanding of sales to streamline products. Given these points, EGI delivered a fully-functioning model within excel which met all goals. It allowed him to see the cost of his product line overall and compare throughput times. They were able to identify products whose cost of production was greater than the sale price. Given this, they made informed changes to sale prices as needed. 


Process Engineering

The Constraint:  The core team was working with a business system older than many of the team members. The company had accumulated process debt which was holding them back. 

The Solution: EGI Inc. brought a fresh perspective with our expertise in Process Engineering to a problem that seemed unsolvable. We heard from many workers that this team was a ‘rats nest of problems, no one knows what they do’. Many had steered clear of this project because they didn’t want to start peeling back the layers of challenges. This was an exercise thought to be painful and impossible to manage.

Some teams are the hub of the business. They play a role in every sale or customer interaction. Given that, inefficiencies here impact a positive customer experience.

In fact, this team had been neglected for too long. We took a large problem and broke it into smaller pieces. Identifying the core functions of what they did and digging deep into how they should be executing those functions. We built new processes around those actions and implemented system changes to support the new processes. This is what we call Process Engineering. Resulting in lasting change, increased productivity (+50%), and a happier workforce. 

Process Engineering
Agile Transition

Transition to Agile

The Constraint: This team of exceptional developers was stuck between Waterfall and Agile development methods. They had a mixed bag of requirements, no organization to their backlogs, and a business of constant requests and emergencies. They were able to function like this because they were a highly skilled team with a strong manager.

The Solution: We joined their team to define their particular brand of Agile, document new processes, and implement them. We worked side by side with them to teach them how Agile works in the real world. Therefore, teaching them how to solve unique problems and overcome the challenges that can’t be planned for.

Transitioning to Agile allowed the team to offer a higher output while also suffering less from burn-out. As a result, they now can add Agile-savvy members to their team. The impact of their success is benefiting the entire business.

Especially for technology-centric companies, the development team is the core of the business. Therefore, the difference between value-delivery and stagnation. The entire business suffers when the development team isn’t high-performing.

Process Documentation

The Constraint: An Administration team was suffering from role ambiguity creating tension and infighting amongst the members.

The Solution: EGI Inc. integrated with the team to define clear roles and responsibilities. We facilitated a session with the admin team to define each member’s roles and accountabilities. The individual process ownerships were mutually agreed upon in the meeting and consensus of who owns which process was solidified taking away the ambiguity between the roles. Once the agreed process ownership was signed off on, EGI Inc. sat down with each member to rewrite their role descriptions, document all Standard Operating Procedures and weed out any leftover uncertainty between the roles.

This project led to happier staff with clear, defined expectations. It also increased the value of the company that was poised to sell by decreasing transition risk to a new owner.

Process Documentation

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