My husband hates To-Do lists. I think he feels like I’m telling him what to do out loud and on paper, and it’s just too much for him. So I don’t leave him a list, but instead have a running tally in my head of things that need to be done to keep our house operating smoothly. I’ve learned to subtly communicate these thing so that he doesn’t feel like ‘the help’. Regardless of physical existence or not, a list exists. And it gets shorter some times but mostly just keeps getting longer. This can cause tension in our house, because things are more difficult when the items on the list don’t get done.

Once a month or so, we dedicate a few hours to knocking some stuff off the list. We tackle it together, and it’s amazing what we can accomplish! Afterwards, we feel rejuvenated. Household operations are smooth again, things are easier, and we have more time to spend together and with our kids.

I know you’ve felt this at home, too. And if you don’t think you’ve felt this at work, you’re kidding yourself.

Work To-Do lists don’t cause tension at home (however, they can), they cause your business to slow down, which means that you aren’t as profitable as you could be. It’s as simple as that.

There are several benefits to taking care of your Work To-Do List:

> improves efficiency

> boosts your mood and motivation

> inspires innovation

> frees your mind of clutter

If you’re like most business owners or managers (or homeowners), your To-Do lists gets longer and longer because you’re busy with critical day-to-day activities that keep your business afloat. Your staff are dedicated to those activities, and can’t be spared to be work on the list.

You need help, you need it now, and you need some key items knocked off the To-Do list. I would love to see your list and help you shorten it.

Here’s how it works:

1. I come in and we talk about your list.

2. We figure out a plan for getting things done.

3. I get right in there and do them.

Your staff will thank you, your business will run better, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to do it.

Ready? Set? Go!