End Grain Industries is made up of a small team with an intense purpose. We facilitate the achievement of business goals.

Let’s unpack that for a minute: before they meet us, our clients find themselves wanting to transition their business in one way or another. They want to grow their core offering, launch a new product or sell their company to someone else. Whatever their final state looks like, they find themselves at the beginning of a very long and challenging road. Their motivation to transition is often tempered by their inability to divert resources to focus on the things that will help them transition. If they don’t transition, they won’t survive. They are caught in a classic catch 22 and it keeps them up at night.

After they meet us, our clients can see that there is a way to transition to their final state without taking away from the internal capacity they need to pay the bills.

Think of it this way: a business is like a space shuttle destined for the moon. It can’t get there on its own, it needs boosters to add to it’s own power at the start of the flight, boosters that fall off once it is well on its way. End Grain Industries are those boosters.

We boost our clients toward the achievement of their goals by doing three very specific things:

  1. We take a deliberately objective perspective of the goal.

  2. We systematically break down the barriers to achieving the goal.

  3. We spend intense effort focused in priority sequence based on the barrier breakdown.

These three steps are the framework we have developed and use to approach any goal our clients have. The framework allows us to tackle problems that we may not have experienced before. The content isn’t the most important thing – we know what we don’t know and will gather people who do when we need it. The process of objectively analyzing the goal, breaking down the barriers into logical parts that are easier to overcome and spending concentrated effort on them one at a time is what gets our clients past their own personal ozone layers and out into space, where they can fly on their own.

The investment in our time short term and low commitment, especially when compared to the opportunities that go along with achieving that final state. Our clients feel free and empowered after we join the team, and there is nothing in this vast universe of ours that makes us happier than seeing how our effort helps other businesses thrive.