If there is one constant in my day it is problem solving. My problems come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of impact and risk. The way I solve problems means that my clients will save money or lose money, make that deadline or miss it, impress those investors or not.

The way I solve problems isn’t some special formula that I’ve studied for years (although I have studied logical problem solving methods and have learned a LOT). I solve problems by mixing my intense and focused logic with my rambunctious and free-flowing creativity.

I have given this juxtaposition of mental philosophies a persona of my dad and mom, from here on known as BeeBee. My dad was a corporate executive and is one of

the most pragmatic people I know. He values structure, stability, order and etiquette. My mom made a successful career out of her own unbending confidence in herself and is a tornado of energy and creativity. She values spontaneity, adventure, freedom and a good laugh at oneself. Somehow, they make a great team. And that’s why I’ve harnessed them both in my brain and use their personalities to solve problems. BeeBee to the rescue.

The best time for me to harness the power of BeeBee is in….the shower. Shower time is creative time. It’s time I inadvertently use to solve some of the biggest challenges my clients are facing. It’s not the time of day, the fragrance of my shampoo or any of the typical environmental elements of being in the shower. It’s the state my brain goes when I have really nothing else to think about except getting all the suds out. That lull in constant planning, justifying and figuring is the moment when all becomes clear. It’s the mental quiet that is the key and for me, my mental state is most quiet when I’m in the shower.

How do you reach your creative state? If you don’t know, have a long hot shower and quiet your mind. Let the warmth clear your jumbled thoughts away and see what creative genius that openness makes room for!