Listen to our Founder and CEO, Amy Van de Klippe,  speaking on The Opentext Developer Cast about solving the paint points of developers.  As a company that has helped hundreds of developers over the years in both agile and waterfall environments, we have one single objective: give them the space to do their jobs well. Hear what the solutions are for the most critical problems facing the dev community.

We work alongside you to better manage your business. Paint points of developers

Agile adaptations and business process planning to engage your team and improve your systems. Our team attacks operational problems by looking at your business processes, and technological capabilities. We look at how your team and the systems they use work together to support your desired goals or behavior. Our team brings a variety of specialties together, allowing us to offer the right skills to match your individual challenges. Paint points of developers.

Contract Business Analyst /Product Owner Service.

Technology teams are a big part of what a business can deliver. If the development team seems to be missing the mark we’ll step in as your Product Owner to get them delivering what you need them to. PS – if you don’t have a PO (or BA) in your business, you should. Paint points of developers.

Every time a project misses the goal, is partially delivered, is late or over budget you can bet your bottom dollar it’s because there was a problem with defining requirements. This is the most important part of any development project. Additionally, solid requirements result in the project meeting expectations in a timely manner. Bad requirements lead to projects that don’t deliver value and a painful development process.

Defining requirements is complicated and takes a specific set of skills. Whether your team works in a waterfall or agile methodology doesn’t change this need. We’ll fill this critical gap in your team while you find a permanent resource.