When our children look back at this time in our history they will see yet another powerful movement by women and men who are standing up against harassment, inequality and stereotypes. As an entrepreneur and self-advocate I am proud of the success I’ve forged for myself against the odds that society has stacked against me and I’m lucky compared to most.

On this day, honour the women in your life who have rejected societal norms, stood up for one another and decided to change their own fate. Encourage the women who have yet to find their voice. Celebrate the successes of the women who have. On this day, find common ground between the network of women all over the world and embrace our differences and similarities. On this day, don’t back down.

Look around at the women who support you. My mom, sister and long-time friends are integral parts of my success. They have helped shape who I am and have stepped in when my own self-doubt rises. Don’t feel like you are alone if you don’t have a mom, sister or close friends to support you. Women support women – even if we don’t know each other. Ask for support and you’ll find you have a place in the band of women around you.

On this day, let’s join the collective voices of our sisters and stand up for the fundamental rights we all deserve. Let’s change the impression we make when we walk into a room. Let’s adjust the expectations others have of us. Let’s make our voice as credible as any voice. Let’s help society (men and women) figure out the things they do that keep women down so they can stop doing them. Slowly, bit by bit, let’s change the world.

Head nod to some of the women I admire most: