As a person who has a job, be it one you have created for yourself or one that you stepped into, you have skills. You do things that you are good at and make you money.

There are also things that you suck at. And you know what? That’s ok. No one is good at everything.

If you’re anything like me, the things you suck at may include:

  • tracking your expenses or mileage

  • fixing your broke-ass computer so that it functions well, not just well enough to get by

  • scheduling out your day/week/month so you can keep track of what end is up

  • actually filing the papers on your desk once in a while

Here is what I say to those things: you will not defeat me! I will conquer you. In 15 minutes.

Yes, 15 minutes. That’s literally all it takes. Take 15 minutes out of your day and do a thing you suck at. It may not make you the hero of travel logs, but it will make damn sure your travel log is up to date and reasonably acceptable to government bodies.

Ok now, open your calendar.

Find a 15 minute block of time that is free pretty well every day.

Create a calendar event, and call it ‘Do a thing I suck at’ or something like that. DO IT.

When that little reminder pops up on your phone, stay true to the things you suck at and tackle it. Don’t dismiss it! Any sign of weakness, those little buggers will sniff it out and pile up again faster than you can imagine. Conquer them. You’ve got this.

Go forth and get shit done.